Richard A. Lang, PhD

Director, Visual Systems Group

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

UC Department of Ophthalmology

Phone 513-636-2700

Fax 513-803-0740


Wnt ligands in tumorigenesis; vascular regression and tissue regeneration; lens induction and morphogenesis.

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BSc: Co-major in genetics and biochemistry, University of Melbourne, Australia, 1984 (with honors).

PhD: University of Melbourne, Australia, at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research under Drs. AR Dunn and TJ Gonda, 1988.

Postdoctoral Fellow: The G.W. Hooper Research Foundation, University of California, San Francisco under Dr. JM Bishop, 1989-92. Studied the role of the macrophage in developmentally programmed tissue remodeling.

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