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Getting Started Breastfeeding

The first few weeks of breastfeeding are a learning period for both you and your baby. It may take time, patience and practice for you to feel confident in breastfeeding your baby.

Keep a simple chart of feedings and diaper changes for each day. Keeping track of your baby’s progress will help you know if your baby is getting enough breast milk. You can write the following information on a sheet of paper:

  • The time the baby started feeding at the breast
  • The amount of minutes the baby fed at the breast
  • Which breast the baby fed on. If the baby fed on both breasts, write that down.
  • Wet diapers and stools

Take the chart with you when you visit the baby’s healthcare provider.

The following guidelines will help you know what to expect for the first 28 days of breastfeeding your baby.

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Day 1

Days 2-4

Days 3-5

Days 5-28

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Last Updated: 09/2012