Clinicians in the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine are available as a resource throughout the entire breastfeeding experience. We provide support on both an outpatient and inpatient basis.


The outpatient Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic is staffed by four board-certified pediatricians who are also certified lactation consultants. Appointments are available at the Burnet CampusMasonGreen Township and Northern Kentucky. The clinic is designed to assess and treat both mother and infant at the same visit, and both will be scheduled and registered as patients.

Visits can be scheduled 8:30 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. Appointments are required. Call 513-636-2326.

Outpatient services are provided by breastfeeding medicine physicians:

  • Prenatal counseling
  • Evaluation and management of low milk supply and oversupply
  • Management of latch problems including breast refusal
  • Breastfeeding help with premature infants, multiple births and babies with complex health problems
  • Nutritional management of slow weight gain in the infant
  • Treatment of nipple or breast infections including mastitis and thrush
  • Evaluation and management of sore nipples
  • Evaluation of tongue-tie and frenotomy 


Lactation consultation is available to infants hospitalized in any area of Cincinnati Children's. Lactation consultants work with the medical team to design an individualized plan of care for each mother and infant.  Hospital-grade breast pumps are available for mothers to express milk for their hospitalized child if he or she cannot feed directly at the breast. Discharge follow-up for ongoing breastfeeding problems is available in the Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic.