Research Support Services

Support Services

Help Translate Discovery into Reality

Investigators at Cincinnati Children’s can tap into a wide array of research support services that provide expert consultation and career development opportunities. In addition, we can help design grant proposals, manage data, comply with regulations, protect intellectual property and assist with commercialization.

Shared Facilities

We stand ready to support your research efforts. Our shared facilities provide cutting-edge, cost-effective technology and data analysis for all of your needs, from animal models to imaging to cell processing. Learn more about our Shared Facilities.
Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST) Serves as a central resource for seeking federal medical research funding across the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s and the VA Medical Center.
Innovation Ventures The Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures team serves as a world-class co-innovation accelerator for Cincinnati Children’s and its ecosystem partners. We lead the innovation, commercialization, and new venture efforts of Cincinnati Children’s and its diverse partners to collaboratively accelerate promising innovations to positively impact patient lives.
Office for Clinical and Translational Research (OCTR) Helps sponsors and investigators launch pediatric and adult clinical studies at Cincinnati Children’s, including facilitating access to budgeting, data management, and compliance experts.
Office of Academic Affairs and Career Development (OAACD) Offers resources to help faculty members achieve their career goals, including a special focus on career development for women and others from under-represented groups.
Office of Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (ORCRA) Helps research departments comply with regulatory organizations by providing auditing, standard practices and institutional oversight.
Pratt Library A dynamic collection of information resources that has grown to include more than 4,400 books, 385 journal subscriptions and much more.
Schubert Research Clinic Brings together services from a number of different sources, creating a portfolio of services aimed at supporting the needs of any clinical researcher with a currently funded IRB study.
Sponsored Research Services Help investigators prepare grant proposals, set up financial reporting and invoicing systems and comply with a wide range of regulations. 
Women's Faculty Association (WFA) Promotes career development, advancement and recognition of women in the Department of Pediatrics.