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Sponsored Research Services

Sponsored Research Services

Sponsored Research Services facilitates the administration of externally sponsored projects at Cincinnati Children’s. It encompasses a group of central offices organized around the primary functions of pre-award, contracting, accounting and costing, and compliance.

Working with Sponsored Research Services is a group of division-based administrators who facilitate the day-to-day administration of specific projects. This division-based administration includes, for example, initiating payments to subcontractors.

Sponsored Research Services provides communication, education and training to the Cincinnati Children’s research community on topics such as proposal preparation, award management, contracts and subcontracting, and compliance.

Sponsored Research Services Pre-Award (SRSP)

SRSP is responsible for facilitating the submission of proposals to outside sponsors. This includes assisting investigators and divisional administrators in the preparation of the administrative components of proposals, reviewing and authorizing submission of all proposals, and serving as the primary liaison between the institution and external sponsors.

Heather Pez Kinsman

Sponsored Research Services Contracts (SRS Contracts)

SRS Contracts is responsible for the issue and review, negotiation and execution of government, university and foundation funded sub-award and award agreements.

David Fullmer

Sponsored Research Services Accounting and Costing (SRSA)

SRSA is responsible for all system setup and report delivery, financial reporting and invoicing. This area is also responsible for assisting investigators and divisional administrators with reviewing their grant reports and monitoring grant spending. SRSA facilitates the development of and reviews all internal recharge center rates, as well as the development and negotiation of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rate Proposal.

Erin Nine

Sponsored Research Services Compliance (SRSC)

SRSC manages the Sponsored Research Services policy review process and is operationally responsible for monitoring cost transfers and select other transactions involving sponsored projects, manages the effort reporting process and maintains a program of review of all federally acquired fixed assets. This area is also responsible for sub-recipient monitoring, A-133 audit interface and various aspects of internal monitoring and control.

Connie Hopkins

General Questions

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