A photo for the 2016 Research Annual Report.

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s have had an amazing year discovering ways to advance child health. Learn about our six most significant discoveries plus more than 50 other scientific achievements.

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Together, We Accomplish So Much for Children

Children smiling.

All that Cincinnati Children’s does for kids would not be possible without the support and collaboration from so many. 

In our 2016 Clinical Annual Report, you’ll learn about how we’re innovating and partnering to achieve our vision of becoming the leader in improving child health. You’ll read about a program that’s essential to providing lifelong care for our patients with congenital heart disease; our innovative approach to helping children and teenagers battling mental illness; and a groundbreaking discovery that has the potential to transform medicine. You’ll also be introduced to Ahmari and the work we are doing to help the children in our community live happier, healthier lives. 

Thank you. We’re changing the outcome together.

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