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Liberty Urgent Care

Thank you for trusting Cincinnati Children's with your child's care. We want to help you get your child the quickest care possible for their injury or illness. Our urgent cares are the best place to be seen for many complaints, but there are some complaints we are not able to care for. Please use the table below as a guide for where to best take your child for care, and then click the link below to continue to "Save My Spot."

What Type of Care Does My Child Need?

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What Type of Care Does My Child Need?
To Evaluate / Assess Care Options
Condition / Injury / Illness Video Visits
Urgent Care
Abscess Needing Drainage    
Allergic Reaction (severe)/anaphylaxis    
Asthma Attack (minor)    
Asthma Attack (severe)    
Bleeding That Won’t Stop    
Breathing Trouble    
Broken Bone (skin intact)    
Broken Bone (bone sticking out of skin)    
Burn (minor)  
Burn (severe)    
Cast Problems (wet or soiled)    
Cut (minor)    
Cut (severe)    
Dog Bite (minor)  
Earache and Ear Infection    
Fever** (child over 2 months old)  
Fever (child under 2 months old)    
Headache (migraine)    
Head Injury (minor & without loss of consciousness)  
Head Injury (severe)    

Insect Bite

Nausea / Vomiting  
Pink Eye  
Psychiatric Evaluation    
Sore Throat  
Sprain or Strain  
Stomach Pain (mild)    
Stomach Pain (severe)    
Swallowed Object    
Urinary Infection    
Urinary Symptoms  

Contact Your Doctor First

We do encourage you to see your child’s primary care physician when possible for illnesses and injuries. For serious or life-threatening situations, go to the ER right away.

Please Note: Emergency and Urgent Care will see patients until their 21st birthday. We can see patients by video visit until their 18th birthday. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Chart Notes

* PCP = Primary Care Provider
** Children (older than 2 years of age) with fevers may be evaluated and assessed in video visits.

These are general guidelines to help parents make healthcare decisions for their children. Please contact your primary care physician to receive personalized guidance for your current situation.

Our urgent care centers are not 24-hour facilities. If you are unable to get to an urgent care center before we close, please take your child to the Emergency Department at either Cincinnati Children's Burnet Campus or Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus.

The Emergency Department can be reached any time by calling 513-636-4293.

**Please note, the Emergency Department cannot provide medical advice over the phone. Please feel free to bring your child in for an evaluation, follow up with your primary medical doctor or call 911 if you feel it necessary.