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Vaccine Resources

Why Should My Child Get Vaccines?

Vaccines are safe, effective, and may save your child’s life. Vaccines not only protect your child from diseases such as polio, tetanus, or the measles, they help to protect your family and the community. Widespread vaccination provides hope to future generations by reducing or eliminating many diseases.

Just the Facts about Vaccines

  • Vaccines DO strengthen the immune system!
  • Vaccines DON’T cause autism or coronavirus.
  • Vaccines DON’T contain mercury or antifreeze.
A woman receives a COVID-19 vaccine as part of a clinical trial.

From Clinical Trials to Shots in the Arm

Our researchers have been working hard on vaccines to help fight COVID-19, and we want to share answers to your questions and address concerns about the vaccines that can lead us out of the pandemic.

COVID-19: Answers Your Kids Can Understand

Stop Germs From Spreading: Wash Your Hands

Did you know that sometimes when people get sick it’s because of tiny things called germs?

Why Do You Wear a Mask?

It’s a little like being a superhero. In fact, it’s a lot like that.

Staying Well

Being worried, confused or scared during difficult times is normal. It’s how we choose to react to those feelings that’s important. 

Other Things To Do

The Importance of Well-Child Visits

Well-child visits aren’t only safe but ensure kids get the vaccines, screenings and developmental checkups that are critical to health.

The Flu Virus Is Constantly Changing

Top 12 things to remember about flu and the flu vaccine.

Test Your Knowledge

We've got 11 questions for you about vaccines and vaccine history at Cincinnati Children. If you want to feel happy, don’t miss the bonus question.

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Our History

Vaccines Through the Years

Cincinnati Children's has a long history in the fight against infectious diseases, from encephalitis and polio to the rotavirus and COVID-19.

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Read and watch news stories about Cincinnati Children's and vaccines.