Outstanding academic healthcare and research institutions are built upon a strong foundation of a talented, vibrant, diverse, collaborative faculty who experience a powerful sense of belonging to a community with a shared purpose. The objective of the Office of Academic Affairs and Career Development (OAACD) is to create that community of faculty by supporting the academic advancement of faculty members across the career continuum.

OAACD vision

  • Implementation of effective, innovative programs that promote faculty vitality and equip faculty members to achieve professional success in the changing academic health center environment
  • Creation of a collaborative, diverse and inclusive community in which faculty members view each other as partners in achieving the strategic objectives of the institution

OAACD missions

  • Facilitate the pathway development and recruitment of an outstanding, diverse faculty and ensure their academic success and productivity
  • Promote a culture of excellence, teamwork, professionalism, mutual respect, and inclusiveness, and one that supports holistic quality of life for faculty

The OAACD develops and disseminates resources and creates programs to support faculty in their multidimensional roles as researchers, educators, and clinicians. These include reappointment, promotion, and tenure (RPT) resources and preparation assistance; dissemination of grant and award information; new faculty orientation; leadership development programs; mentorship programs; networking opportunities; faculty vitality and wellness programming and resources; diversity initiatives; and faculty appreciation events. The OAACD also administers two internal grant programs and oversees pathway programs for high school and undergraduate students such as the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.