Academic Affairs

Requests for promotions and tenure are sent by the faculty member’s Division Director to the Associate Chair of Academic Affairs and Career Development, the Department Chair, and the Administrator of Academic Affairs. If the request is supported, the faculty member will submit an electronic dossier to the Administrator of Academic Affairs before the quarterly review cycle deadline to ensure the RPT committee and Chair have time to review the documents and make their recommendations to the Dean. Promotions are effective upon approval by the UC Board of Trustees.

Reappointments are submitted in the final year of the faculty member’s term. Proposed terms of reappointment are recommended by the division director and approved by the Department Chair before the electronic dossier is submitted to the Administrator of Academic Affairs. Reappointments are effective upon approval by the Provost of the University.

Additional information about RPT can be found on CenterLink by typing “ARPT” in the search box or through the Managers tab by clicking on the Academic Affairs and Career Development link in the Resources column and clicking on RPT in the Faculty Affairs QuickLink box.

Faculty members are expected to act in a professional manner in their interactions with students, trainees, patients and families, and colleagues. Faculty are expected to maintain a high standard of ethics in research. Professionalism is assessed during the annual faculty evaluation and is a required criterion for reappointment, promotion and tenure at all levels. The Professionalism statement for Medical Staff is located on CenterLink (under the Managers tab, click on Academic Affairs and Career Development under Resources, then click on “Professionalism”).

The OAACD created a professionalism challenges resource document for faculty that may be accessed in the same section on CenterLink. The booklet contains descriptions and contacts for issues related to research misconduct, medical staff professionalism concerns, research compliance, mental health and substance use, and ethics.

Each year the Annual Faculty Awards Program is held to recognize the achievements of our faculty during the past year. Each award (except the Team Awards) may be awarded in two classifications: junior faculty, staff physician or staff psychologist, and senior faculty, staff physician or staff psychologist. Award categories include:

  • Advocacy Achievement Award
  • Clinical Care Achievement Award
  • Educational Achievement Award
  • Entrepreneurial Achievement Award
  • Mentoring Achievement Award
  • Research Achievement Award
  • Service Achievement Award
  • Clinical Team Award
  • Research Team Award
New Faculty Orientation provides new faculty members with an opportunity to meet and network with other new faculty members, meet the department chair and hear about the Department of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the UCCOM, learn about resources available to them and strategies to be successful as a new faculty member, and collect information about an array of resources directly from representatives of different programs at Cincinnati Children's including the CCTST, Sponsored Research Services, Community Engagement Core, Biomedical Informatics, Shared Facilities, Scientific Recruitment Team, Media Relations, and others.