Neurotelemetry (video / EEG monitoring) records your child's brain waves and a video of your child's actions.

The test is painless and safe.

The doctor may schedule it to last a few hours to a few days depending upon how many seizures or events your child is having.

  1. Explain the test to your child.
  2. Shampoo your child's hair well the night before the test.
  3. Do not use any hair spray, mousse, or oil. Remove all hair extensions, pieces, or weaves.
  4. Your child may have regular foods and any prescribed medications unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
  5. You may bring your child's favorite toys. It may also be helpful to bring any homework, games to play while sitting, snacks, beverages and coloring books.
  6. Your child will be in a private room. There is a TV and DVD player in the room so please bring your child's favorite videos.
  7. There will not be a staff person in the room with your child so a parent/ guardian must stay in the room with the patient and stay overnight. Siblings over 18 months old may visit but are not permitted to spend the night.  During flu season, children under 14 years of age are not allowed to visit the hospital.
  8. Because the electrodes are attached to the head, we suggest your child wear a shirt that buttons down the front.  We have gowns available for your child to wear if needed.

Please re-schedule the appointment if your child has lice, scabies, a fever over 100, diarrhea, or vomiting. Also re-schedule if they have been recently exposed to TB or chicken pox.

Your child will be shown how the test is done, and you may stay with him. He will be awake and may move freely around the room after the electrodes are applied. Because of the video, he may not leave the room. He will not feel any pain or discomfort from the test. If your child is young, we may use a papoose or ask for your help in holding him still while the electrodes are being applied. Once the electrodes are in place, no restraints or medications are used to prevent the child from removing the electrodes.

"Cups" with wires (called electrodes) are glued on areas of your child's head. The glue is cold and smells like fingernail polish. A small air hose is used to dry the glue. The electrodes pick up signals about how the brain is working.

The technologist flashes bright lights at your child for part of the test. Your child may also be asked to breathe rapidly and deeply for 2-3 minutes during the test.

After the test, the electrodes are removed with acetone which dissolves the glue. There will still be some white flakes of glue that will need to be washed out at home. When the test is finished, your child can play, eat and go to school as before.

A doctor will read the test (or tracing) and send the final results of the testing to your child's doctor or clinic.  

Last Updated 07/2014