Professional Education

Professional Education Programs

The Division of Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s provides training in neurological medicine for medical students, pediatric residents and general neurology residents.

We offer an ACGME Accredited Child Neurology / Pediatrics Combined Residency Program in which we match five residents each year. Additionally, the number of fellowship programs continues to grow within the Division of Neurology.

Members in all training programs work closely with both clinicians and researchers to gain comprehensive experience in all aspects of neurological medicine.

Residency Training Program

Fellowship Training Programs

  • Epilepsy Fellowship: This fellowship prepares clinicians to diagnose, treat and explore better care options for patients with epileptic disorders and their families.
  • Headache Medicine Fellowship: Study headache causes and treatments with the first pediatric headache fellowship established in the United States.
  • Movement Disorders Fellowship:This fellowship provides training in diagnosis and pharmacological management of Pediatric Movement Disorders as well as botulinum toxin injection, deep brain stimulation, and non-invasive brain stimulation for clinical and research purposes.
  • Neonatal Neurology Fellowship: This fellowship provides one year of additional clinical training focusing on the recognition and management of neurological diseases that affect the fetus, neonate and infant in order to prepare individuals for a clinical or academic career in neonatal neurology.
  • Neurocritical Care and Cerebrovascular Fellowship: This fellowship provides one year of additional clinical training focusing on brain-directed care for critically-ill pediatric patients and the management of pediatric cerebrovascular disease. Prerequisites include successful completion of a pediatric neurology residency or pediatric critical care fellowship.
  • Neuromuscular Fellowship: Training in all aspects of neuromuscular disorders with emphasis on multispecialty management and family-centered care.
  • Sleep Medicine Fellowship: This ACGME accredited fellowship trains physicians in diagnoses and management of simple and complex sleep disorders in both children and adults.
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Fellowship

Continuing Education

A photo of neurology doctors in the EEG reading room.