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    Arnold W. Strauss, MD

    Arnold W. Strauss, MD

    Scientific Review Helps Our Research Enterprise Stay Focused

    Discovery through innovative research is essential to developing the medical breakthroughs that improve child health. At the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation (CCRF), we keep the process of discovery moving in strategic directions through comprehensive annual reviews by our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The feature stories in this year's annual report illustrate how SAC reviews support the exceptional work of our faculty and staff. We invite you to learn more about the funding, growth and accomplishments of an outstanding year for more than 50 research divisions at Cincinnati Children's.

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  • Feature Stories

    research annual report overview-Scroller-proctor Legacy of Scientific Review
    research annual report overview-Scroller-hostetter Infectious Diseases Funding Soars
    research annual report overview-Scroller-stark The Behavior of Healing
    research annual report overview-Scroller-Ruddy Prepared for Emergencies
    research annual report overview-Scroller-witte Pathology Enters a New Era
    research annual report overview-Scroller-robinson Bright Ideas, Brilliant Products