• Computational Based Neuropsychiatric Research

    Our lab discovers how to teach computers to understand what neuro-psychiatric patients say. This research is often called natural language processing or computational linguistics. Lately, we've been working with our collaborators to see what role genetic information will play.

    We are currently collaborating on studies related to epilepsy, suicide, and emergency medicine.

    Our epilepsy studies are focused on building computer systems that will be used by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Colorado Children’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to understand the quality of epilepsy care. We've also developed methods for predicting neurosurgery for epileptic patients. Learn more about our epilepsy related research.

    The goal of our suicide research is to develop a system that will identify suicidal adolescents. Here we're trying to combine the linguistic, acoustic, and visual queues that will help a clinician decide if an adolescent will attempt suicide. Learn more about our suicide related research.

  • Join our Lab

    Post-doc's interested in joining the lab should contact Dr. Pestian.