• Combating Hearing Loss

    Your child’s hearing aid evaluation appointment includes information on all types of hearing aids, which are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

    The choice of a hearing aid will depend on characteristics that are unique to the child and her environment. The audiologist will advise you regarding the pros and cons of certain hearing aids and work with you to determine which type of hearing aid is best for your child and your family.

    Please be aware that before obtaining hearing aids, children must be medically cleared for hearing aid use by one of our otolaryngologists (ENT doctors). This is a normal part of the process.
  • Watch a video about hearing aids that features patients, family members and audiologists at Cincinnati Children's.

  • During the hearing aid fitting appointment, the hearing aid and earmold will be physically fit to your child’s ears. The audiologist will provide a complete hearing aid orientation and instruct you on how to properly use and care for the hearing aids. Communication and adjustment strategies will also be discussed to help the child succeed with his new hearing aids.

    Hearing aid checks are follow-up appointments that are scheduled after the fitting. The audiologist will determine if the hearing aids are functioning appropriately and fitted correctly. A hearing aid check may include a hearing test to monitor your child’s hearing.

    We have answers to many questions about hearing aids in our Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Patients and Families

    We provide patients and families with several resources, including a glossary of terms, answers to frequently asked questions and links to online resources from the state and national levels.

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