Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Pulmonary Biology

    The research in this area focuses on normal perinatal pulmonary adaptation.The research in this area focuses on normal perinatal pulmonary adaptation. Lung morphogenesis, gene regulation, pulmonary injury and repair, surfactant homeostasis, antioxidants, transcriptional factors, structure and function of surfactant proteins comprise the major interests of the group.


    Gurjit Hershey, MD, PhD.Gurjit Hershey, MD, PhD, Professor
    Genetics and the pathogenesis of atopic disorders [Visit Asthma Research]

    Tanya V. Kalin, MD, PhD.Tanya V. Kalin, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
    Molecular biology of cancer, tumor microenvironment and metastasis. Chemotherapeutic drug development. [Visit the Kalin Lab]

    Tim Le Cras, PhD.Tim Le Cras, PhD, Associate Professor
    Chronic lung diseases: Asthma, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Pulmonary fibrosis, Pulmonary hypertension [Visit the Le Cras Lab]

    Satish K. Madala, PhD.Satish K. Madala, PhD, Assistant Professor
    My laboratory conducts research in pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis. Students working in my laboratory can expect to learn and use a multidisciplinary approach in involving biochemical and physiologic techniques to determine cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung remodeling diseases. [Visit the Madala Lab]

    A. P. Naren, PhD.A. P. Naren, PhD, Professor
    Macromolecular Complexes of CFTR in Cystic Fibrosis and Secretory Diarrhea [Visit Pulmonary Medicine]

    John Shannon, PhD.John Shannon, PhD, Professor
    Lung developmental biology; lung cell biology; surfactant protein gene expression [Visit Pulmonary Biology]

    Stephen N. Waggoner, PhD.Stephen N. Waggoner, PhD, Assistant Professor
    We are interested in host and viral factors that control disease pathogenesis by regulating development of long-lived immunological memory, generation of potent immune effector cells, and functional repression of immune function during chronic infection. [Visit the Waggoner Lab]

    Timothy E. Weaver, PhD.Timothy E. Weaver, PhD, Professor
    Lung development; chaperone biology and diseases of protein misfolding; pulmonary fibrosis; asthma; respiratory distress syndrome. [Visit the Weaver Lab]

    Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD.Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD, Professor
    Organ morphogenesis, gene regulation, cell differentiation, respiratory disease [Visit the Whitsett Lab]

    Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD, Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD.Associate Professor
    Our research aims to elucidate the molecular basis of lung development and disease with specific focus on identifying critical biologic functions of the Rb/p16, p53 and Dicer/miRNA pathways in pulmonary progenitor/stem cell growth in the context of organogenesis, repair after injury and disease pathogenesis to identify novel targets with diagnostic and therapeutic utility. [Visit Pathology]

    Aaron Zorn, PhD.Aaron Zorn, PhD, Professor
    Molecular mechanisms of endoderm organ development [Visit the Zorn Lab]