Coxa Vara

Coxa Vara

An X-ray of the hips showing a normal left side and coxa vara on the right side.

The Cincinnati Children's Hip Deformity Service treats patients with coxa vara. Coxa vara is an unusual hip condition in which there is a discrepancy of growth in the round ball of the hip (femoral head) and the upper end of the thigh bone. This discrepancy leads to a shepherd's crook deformity of the hip.

Coxa vara usually presents with a limp, a leg length difference, and limited ability to bring the thigh out to the side. X-rays are used to diagnose coxa vara.

Depending on what caused the condition and how severe the deformity, reconstructive surgery may be needed to improve the hip alignment and biomechanics.

If you need to reach the orthopaedic nurse before 4 pm Monday through Friday, call 513-636-4567. After 4 pm and during weekends and holidays, call 513-636-4200 and ask that the orthopaedic resident on call be paged.

Last Updated 07/2013