• Meetings and Education

  • The Khurana Hershey Lab and the Division of Asthma Research have several meetings on a weekly basis.  See full meeting schedules below.

    Meeting Schedule Time
    Khurana Hershey Lab MeetingEvery Monday9-11am
    Database Meeting1st and 3rd Thursdays3-5pm
    Journal ClubBi-weekly on Tuesdays12-1pm
    ICAC Meetings2nd and 4th Mondays1-2pm

    The Division of Asthma Research and the Asthma Center sponsor bi-weekly seminars on Tuesdays with guest speakers within and outside of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital network.  The schedule below provides information on the seminars. 

    Date Time Speaker Topic
    January 14, 20141:00-2:00Michael Goodman, MD
    Clinical Fellow Allergy / Immunology
    Dupilumab in Persistent Asthma with Elevated Eosinophil Levels
    February 11, 20141:00-2:00Melinda Butsch Kovacic, MPH, PhD
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics Division of Asthma Research
    Community Based Participatory Research
    February 25, 20141:00-2:00Theresa Guilbert, MD, MS
    Professor of Pediatrics Associate Director, Asthma Center
    Asthma Treatment: current paradigms, guidance review (EPR3, GINA, Canadian) gaps in the guidelines
    March 11, 20141:00-2:00Hong Ji, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Division of Asthma Research Director, Pyrosequencing Core
    March 25, 20141:00-2:00Harinder Singh, PhD
    Professor of Pediatrics Director, Immunology
    Conserved Transcriptional Determinants Orchestrating ILC2 and Th2 Immune Response
    April 8, 20141:00-2:00Patricia Fulkerson, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor Allergy / Immunology
    April 22, 20141:00-2:00Jeffrey Simmons, MD
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Associate Director, Hospital Medicine
    Update on the Hospital Medicine Initiative
    May 13, 20141:00-2:00Andrew Beck, MD, MPH
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Hospital Medicine
    Geo-Risks / Markers and Asthma
    May 27, 20141:00-2:00Pat Ryan, PhD
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics Biostatistics and Epidemiology
    Update on the Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Asthma Cohort Study (CCAAPS)
    June 10, 20141:00-2:00Tina Hartert, MD, PhD
    Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Asthma and Environmental Sciences Research Associate Dean, Physician-Researcher Training
    Asthma it’s not: Case series of diseases mimicking asthma