• The HOME Study

    The Health Outcomes and Measures of the Environment (HOME) Study involves a collaborative group of investigators from Cincinnati Children’s and other institutions who seek to quantify the impact of low-level fetal and early childhood exposures to environmental chemicals on health developmental and behavioral outcomes. The study also evaluates meconium as a biomarker for fetal exposure and tests the effectiveness of home repairs to control lead hazards and injuries in early childhood.

    The HOME study has followed its participants from approximately 16 weeks gestation, and current funding will follow children until 5 years of age. Although the study is no longer recruiting participants, collection and analysis of data continue thanks to several federal and foundation grants. Additionally, a grant application, extending follow-up of participants to 8 years of age, was submitted to NIH and is under review.

  • HOME Study Summary

    Beginning in 2003, investigators recruited pregnant women to participate in the HOME Study. The study enrolled over 400 participants and is one of the most extensive of its kind.

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