Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Cardiovascular Biology

    Researchers hope to understand and find ways to treat congenital malformations and cardiovascular disease.Researchers in this group use state-of-the-art technologies to study normal and abnormal cardiac and vascular function and development in animal model systems and human subjects. A wide variety of experimental approaches are used to identify molecular signals and cellular processes involved in cardiovascular development and disease.

    Through a greater understanding of molecular mechanisms, researchers hope to understand and find ways to treat congenital malformations and cardiovascular disease.


    Burns C. Blaxall, PhD, FAHA.Burns C. Blaxall, PhD, FAHA, Professor
    Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic discovery for the treatment of heart failure and cardiac fibrosis [Visit the Blaxall Lab]

    Jay Degen, PhD.Jay Degen, PhD, Professor
    The role of hemostatic factors and coupled signaling systems in development, inflammatory response, vessel wall disease and tumor biology [Visit Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology]

    Rashmi Hegde, PhD.Rashmi Hegde, PhD, Professor
    The Hegde laboratory studies molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis in development, cancer and retinal diseases, and is involved in structure- and mechanism-based drug development. [Visit the Hegde Lab]

    Vladimir Kalinichenko, MD, PhD.Vladimir Kalinichenko, MD, PhD, Professor
    Transcriptional regulation of epithelial and endothelial cell functions during lung embryonic development and lung carcinogenesis. [Visit the Pulmonary Biology]

    Richard Lang, PhD.Richard Lang, PhD, Professor
    Eye development with an emphasis on lens induction and vascular patterning [Visit the Lang Lab]

    Tim Le Cras, PhD.Tim Le Cras, PhD, Associate Professor
    Chronic lung diseases: Asthma, Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Pulmonary fibrosis, Pulmonary hypertension [Visit the Le Cras Lab]

    Doug Millay, PhD.Doug Millay, PhD, Assistant Professor
    We are interested in the mechanisms of cell-cell fusion, using skeletal muscle development and regeneration as a model system. [Visit the Millay Lab]

    Jeffery D. Molkentin, PhD.Jeffery D. Molkentin, PhD, Professor
    Transcriptional control of cardiac development and the molecular signaling pathways involved in cardiac hypertrophy [Visit the Molkentin Lab]

    Saulius Sumanas, PhD.Saulius Sumanas, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Molecular mechanisms of the embryonic vasculature formation [Visit the Sumanas Lab]

    Joshua Waxman, PhD.Joshua Waxman, PhD, Assistant Professor
    My lab is interested in the molecular and genetic mechanisms of organogenesis, with a focus on cardiovascular development. [Visit the Waxman Lab]

    Katherine Yutzey, PhD.Katherine Yutzey, PhD, Professor
    Morphogenesis of the heart and transcriptional regulatory networks involved in cardiac determination and differentiation; congenital heart disease [Visit the Yutzey Lab]