A photo of Rama Ayyala.

Rama S. Ayyala, MD

  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Radiology



I specialize in pediatric radiology with a focus on fetal and neonatal imaging and pediatric gastrointestinal (GI) imaging. My inspiration to become a physician came from my two older sisters, who are accomplished, female academic physicians. I was exposed to pediatric radiology early in my residency and drawn to the breadth of knowledge needed for this specialty. I also enjoy building relationships with other clinical teams to provide excellent patient care that can significantly impact each child and family.

My clinical research areas are fetal, neonatal imaging and pediatric GI imaging. I’m also interested in initiatives to promote physician wellness and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in medicine. My interest in physician wellness came about from work I’ve done looking at physician burnout in radiology. I strive to create systemic initiatives that mitigate burnout and promote physician wellness, which helps physicians provide the best patient care.

Imaging has evolved, providing more information than ever for prenatal and postnatal care. These advancements have driven me to learn more about how imaging plays a role in directing patient care for optimal outcomes.


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