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Shelley R. Ehrlich, MD, ScD, MPH

  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Analysis of epidemic spread dynamics using a PDE model and COVID-19 data from Hamilton County OH USA. Majid, F; Deshpande, AM; Ramakrishnan, S; Ehrlich, S; Kumar, M. IFAC-PapersOnLine. 2021; 54:322-327.

Association between Elevated Urine Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin and Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury in Neonates. Slagle, CL; Goldstein, SL; Gavigan, HW; Rowe, JA; Krallman, KA; Kaplan, HC; Liu, C; Ehrlich, SR; Kotagal, M; Bondoc, AJ; et al. Journal of Pediatrics. 2021; 238:193-201.e2.

Elevated Anthropometric and Metabolic Indicators among Young Adult Offspring of Mothers with Pregestational Diabetes: Early Results from the Transgenerational Effect on Adult Morbidity Study (the TEAM Study). Bowers, K; Ehrlich, S; Dolan, LM; Gupta, R; Altaye, M; Ollberding, NJ; Szczesniak, R; Catalano, P; Smith, E; Khoury, JC. Journal of Diabetes Research. 2021; 2021.

The impact of ageing on the incidence and mortality rate of bloodstream infection: A hospital-based case-cohort study in a tertiary public hospital of Brazil. da Silva, NC Z; da Rocha, JA; do Valle, FM; Silva, AS D N; Ehrlich, S; Martins, IS. Tropical Medicine and International Health. 2021; 26:1276-1284.

Disparities in Hemoglobin A1c Testing During the Transition to Adulthood and Association With Diabetes Outcomes in Youth-Onset Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: The SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study. Sauder, KA; Stafford, JM; Ehrlich, S; Lawrence, JM; Liese, AD; Marcovina, S; Mottl, AK; Pihoker, C; Saydah, S; Shah, AS; et al. Diabetes Care. 2021.

Body Composition of Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants Fed Fortified Human Milk: A Pilot Study. McNelis, K; Liu, C; Ehrlich, S; Fields, C; Fields, T; Poindexter, B. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. 2021; 45:784-791.

Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions as Controls to mitigate the spread of epidemics: An analysis using a spatiotemporal PDE model and COVID-19 data. Majid, F; Gray, M; Deshpande, AM; Ramakrishnan, S; Kumar, M; Ehrlich, S. ISA Transactions. 2021.

Does Birthweight Represent Imprinting for Life? Preliminary Findings from the Level and Timing of Diabetic Hyperglycemia in Utero: Transgenerational Effect on Adult Morbidity (TEAM) Study. Khoury, JC; Altaye, M; Ehrlich, S; Summer, S; Ollberding, NJ; Szczesniak, R; Gupta, R; Catalano, P; Bowers, K. Kyoto Daig Kekkaku Ken Kiyo. 2020; 3.

Youth sports participation and health status in early adulthood: A 12-year follow-up. Logan, K; Lloyd, RS; Schafer-Kalkhoff, T; Khoury, JC; Ehrlich, S; Dolan, LM; Shah, AS; Myer, GD. Preventive Medicine Reports. 2020; 19.

Comparison of epidemiological, clinical and microbiological characteristics of bloodstream infection in children with solid tumours and haematological malignancies. Garrido, MM; Garrido, RQ; Cunha, TN; Ehrlich, S; Martins, IS. Epidemiology and Infection. 2019; 147.

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Predictive Model Maps Early-Stage Pandemic Infection Spread
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Predictive Model Maps Early-Stage Pandemic Infection Spread

Shelley R. Ehrlich, MD, ScD, MPH4/19/2021