A photo of James D. Gulick.

James D. Gulick, MS

  • Instructor, UC Department of Pediatrics


MS: University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Mo, 1983

Services and Specialties

Heart Institute


Understanding how certain mutations in contractile protein genes are able to alter the function of the heart


A high-throughput screening identifies ZNF418 as a novel regulator of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and autophagy-lysosomal pathway. Singh, SR; Meyer-Jens, M; Alizoti, E; Bacon, WC; Davis, G; Osinska, H; Gulick, J; Reischmann-Düsener, S; Orthey, E; McLendon, PM; et al. Autophagy. 2021; 17:3124-3139.

Ube2v1 Positively Regulates Protein Aggregation by Modulating Ubiquitin Proteasome System Performance Partially Through K63 Ubiquitination. Xu, N; Gulick, J; Osinska, H; Yu, Y; McLendon, PM; Shay-Winkler, K; Robbins, J; Yutzey, KE. Circulation Research. 2020; 126:907-922.