A photo of S. Steven Potter.

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation

Research Interests

Kidney development and disease; Hox genes; craniofacial development; creation of an atlas of global gene expression patterns in the multiple compartments of the developing kidney; analysis of perturbed gene expression patterns in the kidney glomeruli of patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; craniofacial development using mutant mice, laser capture microdissection, next generation sequencing, and microarrays; recombineering to target multiple Hox genes at once

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Developmental Biology, Center for Translational Fibrosis Research


BA: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), CA, 1971.

PhD: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 1976.

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1976-1978.


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