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Farhan Zafar, MBBS

  • Research, Cardiac Surgery
  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Surgery




Pediatric Heart Donor Assessment Tool (PH-DAT): A novel donor risk scoring system to predict 1-year mortality in pediatric heart transplantation. Zafar, F; Jaquiss, RD; Almond, CS; Lorts, A; Chin, C; Rizwan, R; III, BR; Tweddell, JS; Morales, DL S. Journal of Heart Transplantation. 2018; 37:332-339.


Implications and outcomes of cardiac grafts refused by pediatric centers but transplanted by adult centers. Zafar, F; Rizwan, R; Lorts, A; Bryant, R; Tweddell, JS; Chin, C; III, MD L. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2017; 154:528-536.e1.


Interaction of older donor age and survival after weight-matched pediatric heart transplantation. Westbrook, TC; Morales, DL S; Khan, MS; Bryant, R; Castleberry, C; Chin, C; Zafar, F. Journal of Heart Transplantation. 2017; 36:554-558.


Physiological Growth, Remodeling Potential, and Preserved Function of a Novel Bioprosthetic Tricuspid Valve: Tubular Bioprosthesis Made of Small Intestinal Submucosa-Derived Extracellular Matrix. Zafar, F; Hinton, RB; Moore, RA; Baker, RS; III, BR; Narmoneva, DA; Taylor, MD; Morales, DL. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2015; 66:877-888.


Pediatric heart transplant waiting list mortality in the era of ventricular assist devices. Zafar, F; Castleberry, C; Khan, MS; Mehta, V; III, BR; Lorts, A; Wilmot, I; Jefferies, JL; Chin, C; Morales, DL S. Journal of Heart Transplantation. 2015; 34:82-88.


Does donor arterial partial pressure of oxygen affect outcomes after lung transplantation? A review of more than 12,000 lung transplants. Zafar, F; Khan, MS; Heinle, JS; Adachi, I; McKenzie, ED; Schecter, MG; Mallory, GB; Morales, DL S. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2012; 143:919-925.


Use of ventricular assist devices in children across the United States: analysis of 7.5 million pediatric hospitalizations. Morales, DL S; Zafar, F; Rossano, JW; Salazar, JD; Jefferies, JL; Graves, DE; Heinle, JS; Jr, FC D. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 2010; 90:1313-1318.

Echocardiography Provides a Reliable Estimate of Total Cardiac Volume for Pediatric Heart Transplantation. Szugye, NA; Shuler, JM; Pradhan, S; Plasencia, JD; Villa, C; Taylor, M; Lorts, A; Zafar, F; Morales, DL S; Moore, RA. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography. 2022.

Initial Multi-Center Experience with Ventricular Assist Devices in Children and Young Adults with Muscular Dystrophy: An ACTION Registry Analysis. Nandi, D; Auerbach, SR; Bansal, N; Buchholz, H; Conway, J; Esteso, P; Kaufman, BD; Lal, AK; Law, SP; Lorts, A; et al. Journal of Heart Transplantation. 2022.

Decreased Risk of Strokes in Children with Ventricular Assist Devices Within ACTION. Peng, DM; Shezad, MF; Lorts, A; Gajarski, RJ; VanderPluym, C; Murray, JM; Hawkins, B; Villa, CR; Zafar, F; Rosenthal, DN. Pediatric Cardiology. 2022; 43:1379-1382.

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