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Peripheral IV Care

How Do You Care for a Peripheral IV?

A peripheral intravenous (PIV) tube is a short plastic tube placed into the vein to give medication or fluid.


  • PIV.There is a small needle inside the tube. The needle helps to get the tube into the vein.
  • Once the needle goes into the vein, it is pulled out of the plastic tube and the plastic tube stays in place.
  • The needle feels like a pinch when it goes in. The pain stops when it is taken out.
  • A clear dressing and tape cover the PIV and hold it in place.
  • The hand, arm or foot with the PIV is often taped to a padded board to keep the PIV from moving.

Caring for a PIV at Home

You will be taught how to check and use the PIV before your child goes home. A home infusion company will provide the needed supplies to care for the PIV at home.

At home:
  • Do not remove the dressing or tape.
  • Do not allow the PIV to get wet. Cover the area with a plastic covering and seal with tape before bath time to keep it from getting wet.
  • Do not allow your child to do any activities that could damage the PIV. This includes contact sports, swimming or rough play.
  • Check the PIV by touching, looking and comparing (TLC.)

If the PIV Is Pulled Out

  • Apply pressure to the site with a gauze pad.
  • Raise the affected hand, arm or leg.
  • Save the PIV tube for your child’s nurse.

Last Updated 03/2022