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Premature Adrenarche

Last Updated 06/2022

What is Premature Adrenarche?

Children’s bodies develop at different ages. Premature adrenarche is when girls, before age 7, and boys, before age 9, develop pubic hair.

Premature adrenarche may happen if adrenal hormones start working earlier than expected or it could be a normal part of growth and development.


You might see the following in your child:

  • Pubic hair
  • Underarm hair
  • Body odor
  • Taller than other children their age

Preparing for Your Visit

You will need to provide the following information at your visit:

  • Growth charts for your child
  • Parents’ history (when dad started to shave, when mom first started her period, etc.)
  • Any testing done before the appointment related to your child’s growth

During the Visit

We will examine your child to see if they have started puberty. Your child may also have lab work or an X-ray done. Your provider may order a bone age X-ray.


Often, no treatment is needed. For some children, the provider may want to see them in three to six months to monitor for puberty changes. It is important to reassure your child that it is normal to have body changes at different ages.

You provider will discuss any need for follow-up.

Reviewed By Michelle Lawrence, RN

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