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MEG Core

MEG Core

The MEG Core was established in 2014, through Shared Facilities and the Division of Neurology. The purpose of the core is to make magnetoencephalography available to researchers across the institute.


The mission of the core is to facilitate the study of normal and pathologic brain processes using magnetoencephalography.

Brief Overview of the Technology

Magnetoencephalography, or MEG, involves the recording and assessment of brain activity from recordings of magnetic field fluctuations occurring just outside of the skull.

The magnetic field fluctuations directly reflect changes in neuronal activity. To facilitate capture of tiny field changes, we use a dense array of extremely sensitive magnetic sensors (superconducting quantum interference devices, or SQUIDs), positioned in a helmet-like device. To minimize the impact of environmental electromagnetic noise, recordings are conducted inside a magnetically-shielded room.

MEG is fully noninvasive, safe, and silent.

Contact Us

For research studies, please email or call 513-636-8276.

For clinical studies (presurgical evaluations), please contact Dr. Jeffrey Tenney at or 513-636-7301.