Shared Core Facilities
Comprehensive Rodent and Radiation Facility 

Comprehensive Mouse and Cancer Core

The Comprehensive Mouse and Cancer Core within the Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology at Cincinnati Children’s offers a number of services for researchers exploring cancer systems through animal models. We provide animals from specific inbred mouse strains primarily used in cancer and hematopoietic research, offer cell transplant, harvest and irradiation services and can handle animal cancer model systems involving xenotransplant procedures.


Request our services

To inquire about our services,  contact us:

Jeff Bailey


Victoria Summey

Phone: 513-636-5879
Fax: 513-636-3768 

We will discuss your project and provide assistance with completing the appropriate service request form.  The core has to obtain signed forms with valid account statements before animals can be transferred or services performed.  All services require a valid service request form.


Please be advised:  Before the core can agree to perform animal handling and treatment for research purposes, we have to ensure that the core technician handling the animals is on the requesting principal investigator’s animal protocol.  This is a five-minute procedure, and we provide all the necessary information.  Please add your protocol number(s) on the two personnel sheets in the link box and submit to Veterinary Services.


Mouse strains and services are charged as indicated on the service request form.  Be advised that we have to charge additional fees for services provided outside regular working hours (8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday), excluding Cincinnati Children’s holidays.  If you have to cancel an experiment, provide a 24-hour  notice to avoid being charged.


Due to Department of Homeland Security concerns, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center limits the access of individual investigators to the irradiator and places the responsibility of irradiating cells and animals exclusively with this core.

Core staff will work closely with individual investigators to meet their irradiation needs.  We prefer to irradiate animals and cells twice a day, either from 10-11 am or 2-3 pm, although we will try to accommodate any schedule that is necessary for a specific experiment.  Please review the Irradiation / Transplantation Guidelines (PDF).