Clinical Trials / Research Studies
Clinical Trials / Research Studies

Autism and Executive Functioning Study for Children 8-12 Years Old

Why are we doing this research?

Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a research study to learn more about treatment for planning, organizing, and completing homework.

Who can participate?

Children 8 to 12 years old with autism spectrum disorder and executive functioning difficulties and their caregivers.


  • Autism

What will happen in the study?

 This study includes 5 weeks of treatment and 6 research visits. Here are some of the things that will happen in this study:

  • Your child will be asked to complete a mix of neuropsychological testing.
  • Parent/Caregiver will be asked to complete parent rated behavioral measures.
  • Participants will also be asked to participate in an intervention group - emotion regulation group or a study skills group.

As a parent/guardian enrolled in the study you will attend all research visits, complete parent measures about your child and measures about the therapy sessions.

What are the good things that can happen from this research?

All participants will receive results from psychological assessments after the completion of the study and all participants will participate in a free group intervention, either AIMS, Achieving Independence and Mastery in School, or Regulating Together.

What are the bad things that can happen from this research?

Possible risks and discomforts will be discussed with parents or guardians interested in learning more about the study.

Will you/your child be paid to be in this research study?

Participants will receive up to $220 for attending research visits and 5 week treatment at no cost.


Contact Us.

Jennifer Harms
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

Screening Survey

Study Doctor

Contact Us.

Dr. Rebecca Shaffer, PsyD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center