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Pain Management

Acute, Chronic and Surgical Pain Services

If your child is hurting, our Pain Management Service can help. We use a variety of approaches to relieve your child’s pain. We are well-equipped to help with chronic pain and dysfunction prolonged pain after a recent injury or surgery.

Pain Management Center

Learn more about our chronic pain services, including our Pain Management ClinicMedical Pain Service for kids and our inpatient Functional Independence Restoration Program. We're also involved in collaborations across the hospital.

Perioperative Pain Management

Learn more about the perioperative pain management services provided at Cincinnati Children's.

What Is Pain Management?

We work to manage the pain children may experience in the acute setting (after an injury or during an illness) and in the chronic setting (e.g., recurrent abdominal pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, back pain). The most effective approach to pain in children is a multidisciplinary one: several practitioners work together to best meet your child’s needs. Patients in our outpatient clinic see a physician, a psychologist, a physical therapist and a pain nurse. Each healthcare worker has special training and experience in caring for children in pain and helping the children’s families.

A Culture of Managed Pain

Pain is unpleasant and it can interfere with recovery from surgery or illness, prevent normal activity and affect a child’s quality of life. Even the best treatments do not guarantee that pain will be eliminated. Patients and medical personnel may want there to be no pain after surgery or with a major illness, but trying to get rid of all pain can cause complications. Over-treating pain can be as bad as under-treating it. We strive to manage pain, keeping it at the lowest level that is safely possible, even if that means there is still a little pain left over.

We treat each patient’s pain according to her unique situation. The child's condition, quality of life and physicians’ plans all factor into our pain management plan. We work with physicians, your child and your family to plan the most appropriate pain management strategy.

Proven Results in Pain Management

Our commitment to multidisciplinary pain management has made us one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. Our active quality improvement process helps us maintain the highest level of care and service to our patients and families.

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