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Lara E. Berklite, MD

  • Clinical Fellow, Division of Pathology



I practice pediatric pathology and laboratory medicine, including autopsy, transplant pathology, pathology of liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and pediatric solid tumors. I‘m a team player who strives to do her best in her field of expertise. While I talk mostly to other healthcare providers, I know that everything I do impacts patients and their families.

I’ve always had a passion for discovery, research and children. It’s important to me that my work contributes to positive change, both in patient care and in my community. Pediatric pathology provides an avenue to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for children by better understanding pediatric disease.

As a medical student at Cincinnati Children’s, I was inspired by the dedication and motivation of the pediatric clinical teams and wanted to be part of their efforts to advance medical knowledge. As a behind-the-scenes doctor, most patients and families never meet me, but I play an important role in diagnosis and management decisions. I’m dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality care for patients at this hospital.

In my research, I study pediatric solid tumor biology, mechanisms of therapy resistance in malignancy and liver disease pathology.

During my free time, I love to run around Cincinnati (especially with my dog), try new restaurants, explore local parks and read all kinds of books.