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Clinical Medical Physicist, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

Associate Professor, UC Department of Radiology


My Biography & Research


As a medical physicist, Samuel Brady, PhD's, primary experience lies in developing and maintaining protocols for imaging efficacy and safety. His particular interest lies in dose-minimization for CT imaging techniques. This is a particularly important concept in pediatric radiology, where tissues are still developing and are thus especially susceptible to radiation damage.

Academic Affiliation

Associate Professor, UC Department of Radiology

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My Education

BS: Physics, Utah Valley University, Orem, UT.

MS: Medical Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC.

PhD: Medical Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC.

My Publications

Achievable dose reductions with gonadal shielding for children and adults during abdominal/pelvic radiographic examinations: A Monte Carlo simulation. Somasundaram, E; Brady, SL; Strauss, KJ. Medical Physics. 2020; 47:5514-5522.

Improved Estimates of Trunk and Head CT Radiation Dose: Development of Size-Specific Dose Estimate. Strauss, KJ; McKenney, SE; Brady, SL. Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2020; 17:560-562.

Analysis of quantitative [I-123] mIBG SPECT/CT in a phantom and in patients with neuroblastoma. Brady, SL; Shulkin, BL. EJNMMI Physics. 2019; 6.

Performance evaluation of computed tomography systems: Summary of AAPM Task Group 233. Samei, E; Bakalyar, D; Boedeker, KL; Brady, S; Fan, J; Leng, S; Myers, KJ; Popescu, LM; Ramirez Giraldo, JC; Ranallo, F; et al. Medical Physics. 2019; 46:e735-e756.

Machine Learning Prediction of Liver Stiffness Using Clinical and T2-Weighted MRI Radiomic Data. He, L; Li, H; Dudley, JA; Maloney, TC; Brady, SL; Somasundaram, E; Trout, AT; Dillman, JR. American Journal of Roentgenology. 2019; 213:592-601.

Radiation Dose for Pediatric CT: Comparison of Pediatric versus Adult Imaging Facilities. Strauss, KJ; Somasundaram, E; Sengupta, D; Marin, JR; Brady, SL. Radiology. 2019; 291:158-167.

Development and validation of an open source Monte Carlo dosimetry model for wide-beam CT scanners using Fluka. Somasundaram, E; Artz, NS; Brady, SL. Journal of applied clinical medical physics / American College of Medical Physics. 2019; 20:132-147.

Fully automated tissue classifier for contrast-enhanced CT scans of adult and pediatric patients. Somasundaram, E; Deaton, J; Kaufman, R; Brady, S. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2018; 63:135009-135009.

Dose optimization: a review of CT imaging for PET attenuation correction. Brady, SL; Shulkin, BL. Clinical and Translational Imaging. 2017; 5:359-371.

Tissue segmentation of computed tomography images using a Random Forest algorithm: a feasibility study. Polan, DF; Brady, SL; Kaufman, RA. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2016; 61:6553-6569.