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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Division of Neurology



Board Certified

About Me


Peggy Clark received her undergraduate nursing degree from the University of Kentucky. She graduated with honors from the university’s Honors Program, served as student senator for the College of Nursing, and was named Outstanding Nursing Student in her senior year. She has worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center since receiving her undergraduate nursing degree, and has been a clinical nurse, assistant head nurse, educational nurse specialist, and a nurse practitioner with an epilepsy research focus since 1995. She is a member of the Children’s Medical Center Federal Credit Union Board of Directors, The Greater Cincinnati Epilepsy Foundation Board of Directors, and the APN Professional Inquiry Council.

Clinical Interests

Pediatric epilepsy

Research Interests

New onset and treatment resistant epilepsy; antiepileptic clinical trials

Clinical Divisions

Neurology, Epilepsy, Genetic Pharmacology

My Education

BSN: University of Kentucky, 1979.

MSN: University of Kentucky, 1985.

Post-Masters Clinical Scholar (PNP): University of Kentucky, 1995.

Certification: American Nurses Credentialing Center, 1995.

My Publications

Seven-Year Experience From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke-Supported Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials. Cudkowicz, M; Chase, MK; Coffey, CS; Ecklund, DJ; Thornell, BJ; Lungu, C; Mahoney, K; Gutmann, L; Shefner, JM; Staley, KJ; et al. JAMA Neurology. 2020; 77:755-763.

Identifying epilepsy psychiatric comorbidities with machine learning. Glauser, T; Santel, D; DelBello, M; Faist, R; Toon, T; Clark, P; McCourt, R; Wissel, B; Pestian, J. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. 2020; 141:388-396.

Association of Time to Treatment With Short-term Outcomes for Pediatric Patients With Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus. Gainza-Lein, M; Fernandez, IS; Jackson, M; Abend, NS; Arya, R; Brenton, JN; Carpenter, JL; Chapman, KE; Gaillard, WD; Glauser, TA; et al. JAMA Neurology. 2018; 75:410-418.

Pretreatment behavior and subsequent medication effects in childhood absence epilepsy. Shinnar, RC; Shinnar, S; Cnaan, A; Clark, P; Dlugos, D; Hirtz, DG; Hu, F; Liu, C; Masur, D; Weiss, EF; et al. Neurology. 2017; 89:1698-1706.

Pretreatment seizure semiology in childhood absence epilepsy. Kessler, SK; Shinnar, S; Cnaan, A; Dlugos, D; Conry, J; Hirtz, DG; Hu, F; Liu, C; Mizrahi, EM; Moshe, SL; et al. Neurology. 2017; 89:673-679.

Pharmacogenetics of antiepileptic drug efficacy in childhood absence epilepsy. Glauser, TA; Holland, K; O'Brien, VP; Keddache, M; Martin, LJ; Clark, PO; Cnaan, A; Dlugos, D; Hirtz, DG; Shinnar, S; et al. Annals of Neurology. 2017; 81:444-453.

Second monotherapy in childhood absence epilepsy. Cnaan, A; Shinnar, S; Arya, R; Adamson, PC; Clark, PO; Dlugos, D; Hirtz, DG; Masur, D; Glauser, TA; Study, CA E. Neurology. 2017; 88:182-190.

Rufinamide in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Clark, PO; Gibson, PA. Nursing : Research and Reviews. 2016; Volume 6:51-59.