A photo of Rhonda Cardin.

Rhonda Cardin, PhD

  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


BA: Biology and Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, 1983.

PhD: Microbiology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1989.


The research focus of the Cardin Lab is to understand the virus-host interactions that are important for CMV pathogenesis and immunological control of long term latent CMV infection. CMV encodes viral homologs to host proteins (such as IL-10, TNF, chemokine receptors) that interfere with the host immune response by immune evasion or by mimicry. Understanding the advantages provided by 'hijacking' of host proteins by CMV will lead to the development of effective vaccine strategies.


Replication-defective lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus vectors expressing guinea pig cytomegalovirus gB and pp65 homologs are protective against congenital guinea pig cytomegalovirus infection. Cardin, RD; Bravo, FJ; Pullum, DA; Orlinger, K; Watson, EM; Aspoeck, A; Fuhrmann, G; Guirakhoo, F; Monath, T; Bernstein, DI. Vaccine. 2016; 34:1993-1999.