I am a resident in the Child Neurology/Pediatrics Combined Residency Program. I enjoy taking care of a variety of patients under the supervision of preceptors with specialized training in several subspecialties. These conditions include movement disorders, sleep neurology, stroke and neonatal neurology to name a few. My patients and families have found it beneficial to have physicians at multiple levels of training involved in their care.

Several mentorship and coaching experiences throughout my high school and college years convinced me that there is nothing more satisfying than fostering an individual's growth over time. The field of pediatrics allows providers to form these types of longitudinal relationships with patients and families. Working at Cincinnati Children's has empowered me with many resources to serve people well.

My interest in neurology dates back to reading about action potentials for the first time as a college freshman. The nuances and complexity of the brain are truly astounding, and it's a privilege to be able to better my understanding for the remainder of my career.

I approach each patient as the unique individual that they are. My patients are more than their diagnoses, and they and their families exist in a world that is uniquely theirs. I value my exposure to a wide range of illnesses and tailor my care to best suit patients’ individual needs.

I was awarded the William Grant McLaughlin Pediatric Neurology Medical Student Research Award upon my graduation from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 2018. This award was for my research regarding the evolution of EEG findings in children with autism spectrum disorders.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and kayaking in the beautiful greater Cincinnati area. I also like yoga, sudoku puzzles, sampling the Cincinnati craft beer scene and occasional trips home to Texas to visit my family.


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