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Nurse Practitioner, Division of Emergency Medicine


Board Certified

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As a nurse practitioner, I practice in pediatric acute care. I’ve worked in the Emergency Department, Urgent Care and Teen Health Center at Cincinnati Children’s. I also have experience in cardiology, hematology/oncology and critical care transport.

Initially, I wanted to be a surgeon. However, my mother was frequently hospitalized when I was a teenager, and I noticed how much more time the nurses spent with the patients than the doctors. This experience prompted me to major in nursing as an undergraduate.

I have always loved children. As an only child, I was drawn to other kids around me. My care philosophy is a holistic approach. I believe the patient isn’t just the child but the whole family, and if parents and families are involved in care decisions, the patients will improve more quickly. I also enjoy talking directly with the child on their level, no matter their age. I find it helps me understand the best approach to their care.

I’m a member of the International Nurses Association and was named a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare in 2016.

In my free time, I enjoy Pilates and spin classes. I also love music and dancing.

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