A photo of Margot Daugherty.

Margot Daugherty, MSN, MEd, RN, CEN

  • Trauma Program Manager, Division of Trauma Services



As the trauma program manager, I’m passionate about ensuring the best care and treatment for all injured children. My motivation is to make a difference for families and the patient through multidisciplinary collaboration and utilization of the most current practice trends.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse. After graduation I started working in the intensive care unit and moved to the emergency department of a community hospital. I transitioned into adult trauma and started the trauma program at Middletown Regional Hospital. I also ran part-time as a paramedic for the City of Mason.

Through my affiliation with trauma program managers, I met Lynn Haas, the founding Trauma Program manager at Cincinnati Children’s. It was because of her vision and my love of children and education that I transitioned to Cincinnati Children’s as the Trauma Services education specialist. My first task was to start a new group of Trauma Core Nurses, an elite group of emergency department and specialty resource nurses who are involved in all aspects of care for injured children.

I was also involved with process improvement initiatives and trauma outreach efforts with other community hospitals seeking verification in pediatric trauma. When Lynn retired, I stepped into her role as the Trauma Program manager.

During my time off, I enjoy hiking, reading and water sports, with my favorite being slalom skiing.