At Cincinnati Children's, I treat children three years old or older who demonstrate speech deficits or delays in the areas of speech, sound production, language and/or social communication.

When I was a weekend volunteer at a children's hospital in Oklahoma, I inadvertently stumbled upon the speech pathology field. Seeing the daily tangible impact the speech therapists had on so many of those children and their families spurred a desire in my heart to serve kids in the same manner.

I have always loved working with kids. Whether coaching T-ball or teaching Kindergarten part-time, I found that the moments I feel most fulfilled seem to follow me into these settings. It doesn't get any better than working in a profession where I get to remind kids of how special they are every day.

Speech pathology is a unique field with many sub-components and specialty areas. In addition to treating commonly known speech, sound and language disorders, we also play an integral role in therapy for feeding and swallowing disorders, voice disorders, craniofacial conditions and others. Please don't be afraid to ask us questions, even if you aren't sure if the concern falls under our scope of practice. We may be able to help, or at the very least, refer you to the appropriate specialty.

I believe in making time for everyone, always. Whether it's the client in the therapy room or a family that looks lost in the lobby, I strive to be fully present to what's happening around me each day and seek out opportunities to make others feel heard and valued.

In my free time, I love finding new hiking spots. If there are lots of trees and/or bodies of water involved, I’m in.


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