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Associate Professor, UC Department of Anesthesia


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Research Interests

Epilepsy; autism; neurodevelopmental disease

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Associate Professor, UC Department of Anesthesia

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An Amazing Journey to Explore the Mind

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An Amazing Journey to Explore the Mind

Steve C. Danzer, PhD, Jesse Skoch, MD ...7/3/2019


PhD: University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Postdoctoral Research: Duke University, Durham, NC.


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Immature murine hippocampal neurones do not develop long-term structural changes after a single isoflurane exposure. Tong, D; Godale, CM; Kadakia, FK; Gu, Z; Danzer, CS K; Alghamdi, A; Zhao, P; Loepke, AW; Danzer, SC. British Journal of Anaesthesia. 2019; 123:818-826.

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