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Neuroscience Research

Bringing Innovative Neuroscience Discoveries to the World

Neurological disorders and brain injuries can have devastating impacts on the lives of affected patients and their families. Despite the high incidence of diseases like autism, epilepsy, depression, traumatic brain injury and chronic pain, our understanding of disease mechanisms is limited, and treatments are all too often ineffective.

To gain fundamental insights into brain development and function that can be applied to treating neurological disorders and injury, the Neuroscience Research Center creates an environment that brings together basic scientists conducting fundamental, hypothesis-driven research with translational scientists developing new therapies and clinician-scientists working to advance these therapies to patients.

The center recognizes and capitalizes on the bidirectional nature of the discovery process, with clinical needs inspiring translational and basic science research, and pure discovery-based research bringing transformational ideas and approaches to the clinic.

Our Mission

  • Perform hypothesis-driven, discovery-based research in cellular, molecular and functional neuroscience to uncover fundamental mechanisms in nervous system development, repair and function.
  • Identify and characterize genetic and environmental alterations that lead to nervous system disorders.
  • Train and mentor the next generation of basic- and clinical-neuroscience researchers. A world-class neuroscience program is defined by world-class faculty, therefore, the Neuroscience Research Center is committed to recruit, support and retain world-class faculty.
  • Create bidirectional relationships with clinical neuroscience programs to translate basic research findings into innovative treatments for nervous system disorders, and to elucidate basic mechanisms underlying novel clinical findings.

Our Vision

With almost 200 billion neurons and glia cells, and more than 100 trillion synapses, the human nervous system is among the most complex structures science has ever attempted to understand. Correspondingly, diseases of the nervous system are, and will continue to be, a pressing challenge for medical science for the foreseeable future. Our goal is to understand the nervous system, bringing fundamental and innovative neuroscience discoveries to the world, and transformative care to patients.