A photo of Lin Fei.

Lin Fei, PhD

  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



My research area of interest is biostatistics and involves theoretical aspects of ranking and selection problems. I derived some inequalities that characterize the relationship between sample sizes and the probability of making the correct selection of the best treatment groups. I am also interested in multiple testing problems related to sequential clinical trial designs.

Specifically, my work includes:

  • Statistics
  • Ranking and selection
  • Sequential testing
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Probability modeling
  • Stochastic process inference

I model biological processes such as enzyme reaction rates using exponential approximation, bile duct growth patterns using quantile regression and biochemistry evaluation transition courses.

I have been a researcher for more than 18 years. I began my work at Cincinnati Children’s in 2012. My work has been published in many respected journals, including PLoS ONE, Pediatric Blood and Cancer, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Cardiology in the Young, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Pancreas, Pediatric Obesity and Pediatric Nephrology.


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