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Amanda Hornbach

  • Resident, Child Neurology / Pediatrics Combined Residency Program
I was inspired to work with children by the patients themselves! I love the energy of working with children.
Amanda Hornbach



I am a resident in the Child Neurology/Pediatrics Combined Residency Program. I was inspired to work with children by the patients themselves! I love the energy of working with children. Those with neurologic disorders can have a long and difficult path before them. Still, many children and families walk that path with smiles on their faces. I find that to be so inspirational!

I chose to do my residency at Cincinnati Children’s because the people in this department are so inviting and easy to talk to. During my interview, the program director and other interviewers put me at ease. I knew Cincinnati Children’s is a very high-quality training program, but I did not know just how welcoming the people in the department would be. Now, having been here, I can attest that faculty and staff carry that kindness and intelligence into their patient care, too.

One occasion that impressed me very much was the turnout for the Black Lives Matter kneeling event in the greenspace at Cincinnati Children’s. People from all departments and all positions within the healthcare teams were there. I think that showing of support and making a statement like that about what is important to us, and the institution we work for, speaks to the kind of people and work culture Cincinnati Children’s endeavors to cultivate.

In my free time, I enjoy some hidden gems in Cincinnati, including the beautiful parks, both in the city and within driving distance. In the city, you have Winton Woods and Mt. Airy Forest and the Miami Whitewater Park network. Within a morning’s drive, you can be in Hocking Hills, Red River Gorge, Turkey Run State Park, and so much more! I also love the ice cream — each neighborhood has its own mom-and-pop places, and there are chains all over town with really good ice cream.

BS: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

MD: Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN.

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