A photo of Jason Hammonds.

Jason E. Hammonds, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Comparative analysis of human microglial models for studies of HIV replication and pathogenesis. Rai, MA; Hammonds, J; Pujato, M; Mayhew, C; Roskin, K; Spearman, P. Retrovirology. 2020; 17.

HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Trafficking through the Endosomal Recycling Compartment Is Required for Particle Incorporation. Kirschman, J; Qi, M; Ding, L; Hammonds, J; Dienger-Stambaugh, K; Wang, J; Lapierre, LA; Goldenring, JR; Spearman, P. Journal of Virology. 2018; 92.