A photo of Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus.

Program Director, Reading and Literacy Discovery Center

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


My Biography & Research


Dr. Horowitz-Kraus' lab has found that reading intervention results in neural circuits related to both normalization and compensation in children with dyslexia. They have also highlighted the importance of the right hemisphere in reading comprehension both in children (7 to 9 years) and in adolescents (18 years).

Research Interests

Neuroimaging: written language; oral language development

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Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


General and Community Pediatrics, General and Community Pediatrics, Behavioral Medicine, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Radiology, Reading and Literacy Discovery Center

My Education

PhD: University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.

My Publications

Horowitz-Kraus T, Vannest JJ, Gozdas E, Holland SK. Greater Utilization of neural-circuits related to executive functions is associated with better reading: a longitudinal fMRI study using the verb generation task. Front Hum Neurosci. 2014 Jun 20;8:447.

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