A photo of Vivian Hwa.

Vivian Hwa, PhD

  • Basic Research Director, Cincinnati Center for Growth Disorders
  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


BS: University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

PhD: University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Research Areas



Single cell transcriptomics identifies adipose tissue CD271+ progenitors for enhanced angiogenesis in limb ischemia. Inoue, O; Goten, C; Hashimuko, D; Yamaguchi, K; Takeda, Y; Nomura, A; Ootsuji, H; Takashima, S; Iino, K; Takemura, H; et al. 2023; 4:2023.02.09.527726.

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Characterisation of the first heterozygous missense HMGA2 variant helps delineate the crucial functional roles of a novel growth gene. Cottrell, E; Maharaj, A; Triggs-Raine, B; Thanasupawat, T; Williams, J; Fujimoto, M; A., VD H; De, BC; Joustra, S; Kant, S; et al. 2022.

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