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Ali I. Kandil, DO, MPH

  • Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Intra-operative Neuromonitoring Physician, Intraoperative Neurophysiology
  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Anesthesia
I believe in being an approachable resource for children and their families. I hope that I am seen as an expert in my field and that patients feel safe in my care.



As a pediatric anesthesiologist, I help children when they need imaging services and surgery. I’m the director of Anesthesia Imaging Services at Cincinnati Children’s and an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

My residency mentor, the late Dr. Bob Dorian, inspired my career path. He was a pediatric anesthesiologist who loved his job. His energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate approach to the care of children inspired me to want to be just like him.

I believe in being an approachable resource for children and their families. I hope that I am seen as an expert in my field and that patients feel safe in my care.

My clinical and research work focus is on anesthesia for sleep apnea patients, neuroanesthesia and radiology anesthesia. I study how anesthesia affects airway anatomy during surgery or radiology procedures. I also research how anesthesia impacts different neurophysiological changes during surgery and hearing tests.

When I’m not working, I take part in medical mission trips. I love this work and have completed 10 missions. I am also an avid golfer and consider myself a “foodie.” And, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my two cats.

Additional Languages

Arabic, Spanish


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