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Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation

Clinical Interests

Lung development; cell proliferation; carcinogenesis; transcriptional regulation of gene expression.

Research Interests

Transcriptional regulation of epithelial and endothelial cell functions during lung embryonic development and lung carcinogenesis; winged helix/forkhead box (Fox) proteins and their role in regulating cell signaling pathways required for cellular proliferation, differentiation, motility and survival; identify and increase understanding of currently unknown mechanisms that cause human lung malformations and promote lung cancer formation.

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Pulmonary Biology, Developmental Biology, Perinatal Biology

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MD: Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia, 1993.

PhD: Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia, 1995.

Fellowship: From the European Soros Foundation, 1995.

Postdoctoral: University of Illinois at Chicago, Center for Molecular Biology, IL, 2000.

Postdoctoral: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Molecular Genetics, IL, 2002.


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The Forkhead box F1 transcription factor inhibits collagen deposition and accumulation of myofibroblasts during liver fibrosis. Flood, HM; Bolte, C; Dasgupta, N; Sharma, A; Zhang, Y; Gandhi, CR; Kalin, TV; Kalinichenko, VV. Biology Open. 2019; 8:bio039800-bio039800.

BUILDING AND REGENERATING THE LUNG CELL BY CELL. Whitsett, JA; Kalin, TV; Xu, Y; Kalinichenko, VV. Physiological Reviews. 2019; 99:513-554.

Vagus-macrophage-hepatocyte link promotes post-injury liver regeneration and whole-body survival through hepatic FoxM1 activation. Izumi, T; Imai, J; Yamamoto, J; Kawana, Y; Endo, A; Sugawara, H; Kohata, M; Asai, Y; Takahashi, K; Kodama, S; et al. Nature Communications. 2018; 9.

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FOXF1 transcription factor promotes lung morphogenesis by inducing cellular proliferation in fetal lung mesenchyme. Ustiyan, V; Bolte, C; Zhang, Y; Han, L; Xu, Y; Yutzey, KE; Zorn, AM; Kalin, TV; Shannon, JM; Kalinichenko, VV. Developmental Biology. 2018; 443:50-63.

FOXF1 Inhibits Pulmonary Fibrosis by Preventing CDH2-CDH11 Cadherin Switch in Myofibroblasts. Black, M; Milewski, D; Le, T; Ren, X; Xu, Y; Kalinichenko, VV; Kalin, TV. Cell Reports. 2018; 23:442-458.

Transcription Factors Regulating Embryonic Development of Pulmonary Vasculature. Bolte, C; Whitsett, JA; Kalin, TV; Kalinichenko, VV. In: Parthasarathi K, Ed. MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL INSIGHTS INTO THE PULMONARY VASCULATURE. : SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG; SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG; 2018.

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Neuronal signals regulate obesity induced beta-cell proliferation by FoxM1 dependent mechanism. Yamamoto, J; Imai, J; Izumi, T; Takahashi, H; Kawana, Y; Takahashi, K; Kodama, S; Kaneko, K; Gao, J; Uno, K; et al. Nature Communications. 2017; 8.