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Carolyn M. Lutzko, PhD

  • Director, Cell Manipulation Laboratory and Translational Research and Development, Translational Core Laboratory
  • Division Director, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies, Hoxworth Blood Center
  • Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


BA: University of Guelph, S.Sc. Hon, Molecular Biology and Genetics Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1992.

PhD: University of Toronto, PhD Department of Laboratory Medicine Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1999.

Fellowship: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Department of Pediatrics Division of Research Immunology/BMT Los Angeles, CA, 1999-2002.


Regulating human pluripotent stem cell; somatic cell reprogramming in iPSC; human embryonic stem cell physiology and differentiation; hESC; cystic fibrosis

Research Areas

Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, Cancer and Blood Diseases



Integrated Genomic Analysis of Diverse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium. Salomonis, N; Dexheimer, PJ; Omberg, L; Schroll, R; Bush, S; Huo, J; Schriml, L; Sui, SH; Keddache, M; Mayhew, C; et al. Stem Cell Reports. 2016; 7:110-125.


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Third-Party and Patient-Specific Donor-Derived Virus-Specific T Cells Demonstrate Similar Efficacy and Safety for Management of Viral Infections after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Children and Young Adults. Galletta, TJ; Lane, A; Lutzko, C; Leemhuis, T; Cancelas, JA; Khoury, R; Wang, YZ M; Hanley, PJ; Keller, MD; Bollard, CM; et al. Transplantation and cellular therapy. 2023; 29:305-310.

De Novo Germline DHX38 Variant Associated with Alternative Splicing of Multiple Transcripts in Iron-Related Pathways in a Patient with Atypical Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia with Ring Sideroblasts. Voulgaridou, A; Elgammal, Y; Husami, A; Emberesh, S; Seu, K; Ramamoorthy, M; Trump, L; Barasa, N; Nelson, AS; Lorsbach, RB; et al. Blood. 2022; 140:1234-1235.

Successful Ex Vivo Telomere Elongation with Exg-001 in a Patient with a Dyskeratosis Congenita. Myers, KC; Davies, SM; Lutzko, C; Wahle, R; Aubert, G; Amano, T; Amano, M; Yu, H; Ko, MS H. Blood. 2022; 140:1895-1896.

Scheduled administration of virus-specific T cells for viral prophylaxis after pediatric allogeneic stem cell transplant. Rubinstein, JD; Lutzko, C; Leemhuis, T; Zhu, X; Pham, G; Ray, L; Thomas, S; Dourson, C; Wilhelm, J; Lane, A; et al. Blood Advances. 2022; 6:2897-2907.

477 Availability of Donor Derived Patient Specific Virus-Specific T-Cells (VSTs) Is Not Associated with Differences in Outcomes As Compared to Frontline Administration of Third Party Vsts for the Management of Viral Infections after Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant. Galletta, TJ; Lane, A; Lutzko, CM; Leemhuis, T; Cancelas, JA; Khoury, R; Wang, YM; Hanley, PJ; Keller, MD; Bollard, CM; et al. Transplantation and cellular therapy. 2022; 28:s374-s375.

Off-the-Shelf Third-Party Virus-Specific T Cell Therapy to Treat JC Polyomavirus Infection in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Recipients. Rubinstein, JD; Jodele, S; Heyenbruch, D; Wilhelm, J; Thomas, S; Lutzko, C; Zhu, X; Leemhuis, T; Cancelas, JA; Keller, M; et al. Transplantation and cellular therapy. 2022; 28:116.e1-116.e7.

Virus-specific T cells for adenovirus infection after stem cell transplantation are highly effective and class II HLA restricted. Rubinstein, JD; Zhu, X; Leemhuis, T; Pham, G; Ray, L; Emberesh, S; Jodele, S; Thomas, S; Cancelas, JA; Bollard, CM; et al. Blood Advances. 2021; 5:3309-3321.

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