I became a physician because medicine is one of the few universal languages. All people, even healthy ones, will encounter and interact with the healthcare system at some point in their lifetime. Being able to reach a wide variety of people and help them in whatever small way I can is more than worth the years of training and sacrifice.

Neonates are particularly vulnerable and worthy of our utmost care and deliberation. The delicate balance between maternal and infant health and the family-centered care surrounding a new child is a precious thing. Neonates have unique needs and physiology that changes by the minute, making them a challenging and fulfilling population to work with.

My current research efforts focus on the challenges associated with direct breastfeeding in preterm infants. I also work to improve the rates of direct breastfeeding in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

My previous work as a general pediatrician in a resource-limited setting led me to obtain my International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant designation. This allows me to help mothers and their infants in my clinic during a critical and vulnerable time in their lives.

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